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Title Double Eyelid Surgery (Revision), Ptosis Correction, Fat grafting

I flew from London to Seoul to have my old eyes rejuvenated by Dr. Seo of MVP clinic in Apgujeong, Seoul, South Korea. I saw a photo of eyelid fat grafting on their website and was reassured it could be done and also wanted sexy young eyes too! I chatted with a former Australian patient of his who transformed into a sexy vixen! I was 50 years old with sunken eyelid sulci and eyelid skin so wrinkled and loose I could pull the skin away from my eyes by an inch! Ellen, the bilingual consultant at MVP, was my sole contact in Korea and like having my own sister in Korea! She took great care of me and arranged airport pick up and drop off. I arranged everything via kakao which is the Korean version of what's app. I flew into Korea in May 2016, had my luggage dropped off at my hotel and was taken to Most Valuable Plastic Surgery clinic for my consultation with the famous Dr Seo, renowned for giving ladies natural beautiful eyes! He is board certified and was very kind and took time to decide with me where I wanted my eyelid crease. The next morning I was back at MVP clinic for the operation, revision double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction to give me big eyes and fat grafting to refill the hollow in my upper eyelids. The anaesthetist doctor was very professional and I felt no pain. I was amazed that I had very little swelling, some bruising and a very fast recovery! Within days I was shopping at Lotte department store and looking 30 years younger! The cost of the operation including hotel and flights were much less than had I arranged for this surgery in London and I would not have had the expertise of one of Korea's best plastic surgeons! As I do media tv work in the UK, I need to look good and Dr Seo exceeded my expectations! I now have sexy, beautiful, young, big eyes! Thank you MVP clinic! I will now remain forever looking 20s in my 50s, 60s, 70s...


MVP Plastic Surgery Center is a Medical Expert Group in Korea which provides excellent medical service for foreign patients with friendly English Speaking Medical Staff. The name MVP is taken from Most Valuable and the clinic intends to provide premium medical service based on humanism.The staff thoroughly trained to serve patients help guide treatment and the doctors have rich experience and globally recognized credentials.
MVP offers most advanced tools and techniques,
plastic & reconstructive surgeries can be carried out With optimal results.

Double eyelid surgery by minimally invasive suture approach. The endoscopic technique provides precise control and visualization of the surgery when the axillary incision is used for Plastic Surgery. New laser systems enable skin surface to be renewal of collagen for wrinkle reduction, scar improvement and pigment reduction. 3D-CT imaging provides facial asymmetry diagnosis and surgical treatment planning Special threads for minimally invasive face and Neck Lift
- Tear-drop-shaped cohesive silicone gel prosthesis for breast augmentation. Safe Liposuction System achieves body-reshaping results with minimal trauma. Mesotherapy of hyaluronic acid and grow factor keep facial skin in the best condition. Ultrasound-assisted Facelift System Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation System (Ultracut)

Together with the Welfare Organization MVP Plastic Surgery Center contributes to the society by performing facial reconstruction surgery on senior citizens who live alone, and the 2nd cleft lip surgery on children
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